Feb 3

Lifelong learning Theme 2 Flowers

It is February and the first signs of spring are beginning to show. Bright coloured flowers can be very uplifting and this theme covers four weeks starting on week 6 with Ylang Ylang, a beautiful exotic flower from Indonesia. This theme also includes Rose week, to coincide with St. Valentines day. The damask rose is used to produce rose oil and is named after Damascus in Syria and it is thought the rose was introduced to Europe by the 14th century Knights returning from the Crusades.  

In addition to lifelong learning, the brightly coloured flowers placed around your nursing home can have a positive impact on the residents' environmental wellbeing. Older people with visual impairment can find it difficult to navigate their way when their environment is a similar colour. Contrasting bright colours can help an older person's spatial awareness. 

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