Lifelong learning week 28 Black Pepper

Jul 9
It is week 28 and Black Pepper week in Essence 52's lifelong learning curriculum. 

For over 5 years, I delivered the Essence 52 programme to nursing home residents across Dublin. While introducing the plant topic of the week and its essential oil, we discussed the botany of the plant.

Of course many of the plants are grown in tropical climates, so we could only see them in photos or videos.

Last week I was lucky enough to visit the Island of Grenada in the West Indies in the Caribbean Sea. Grenada is commonly known as the 'Spice Isle'.  So it was such a pleasure to see many of the plants grow in their natural environment. 

One of the plants I saw was the Black pepper vine. This is a photo I took of the fruit. All peppercorns, green, red or black come from the same plant. When the green peppercorns eventually mature they turn red. They are then picked and dried when they turn black. White pepper is produced by removing the outer coating. 

Black pepper has an interesting history, it was once considered a luxury item, and was often called 'Black Gold'. Its essential oil is used in many cosmetic products. 

I look forward to sharing the other tropical plants I saw on my trip to the 'Spice Island' throughout the year as part of the Essence 52 curriculum. 

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